Cookies are used on Cookie is a small text file stored in a user’s computer while the user is visiting the website. The purpose of cookies on Enexia webpages is to help us to improve the webpage based on visitor statistics.

There are two types of cookies:

1. A cookie can be saved for a longer period with certain last date of use. Thereafter the information will be removed automatically.
2. The other type of cookies is a session cookie that is temporarily saved to the computer memory while visiting web pages. The session cookie disappears after you have closed the browser.

Read more about cookies at Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority web site.

How to avoid cookies

If you do not want to allow use of cookies, these can be removed from the browser settings. You can also set your browser settings so that you receive a notice every time the webpage tries to save a cookie in the computer. Earlier saved cookies can be removed using the settings. See for additional information on the browser manual pages.

Cookies used in this website

Below is a list of cookies used on this website and their intended use.

Third party cookies

Google Analytics – visitor statistics analyzation tool
Enexia uses Google Analytics software to collect statistic information about the use of websites. Google Analytics cookies save information on how the visitors use the site; clicks, navigation paths etc.

Videos from Youtube channels have been linked to Enexia websites. When playing the videos, cookies are used. Additional information on Google webpage Data privacy and instructions for use.

Third party cookies are saved to the user’s computer for a certain period, from 30 minutes to maximum of 2 years. These will be removed after the time has passed or after the user removes them manually.