PACE Mini-Mite 1039

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The PACE 1039 Mini-Mite™ Roll Groover service tool, now equipped with carrying handle for ease of transporting, goes from in-place grooving to machine grooving in one motion without the need of spending valuable time looking for tools. The PACE 1039 Mini-Mite™ is self-contained, it
can be entirely operated with its own multifunction Ratchet Action Hand Crank so there are no other tools needed! All hex drives on the PACE 1039 Mini-Mite™ are 15 ⁄16″ so one wrench fits everything!

The PACE 1039 Mini-Mite™ is totally portable. It features rugged construction with a larger top roller bearing, heavier top slide, and more material in the housing to make for more durability.

The PACE 1039 Mini-Mite™ is simple to operate. It rolls grooves 1 1⁄4″ to 6″ Schedule 40 or thin wall steel pipe on the scaffold or anywhere power is unavailable. It also has the ability to chuck in a Ridgid 300 (or similar) – in just seconds (no gearbox removal).

Technical specifications

Weight: 8.6 kg
Capacity: 1¼”-6″ (DN32-DN150) Schedule 40 or thin-walled steel pipe
Required tools: Included multi-function Ratchet Action Hand Crank is all you need.
Compatibility: Ridgid 300 or equivalent