Introduction to grooving

What is a grooved joint?

A grooved mechanical joining of two pipes means that a small groove is made at the end of each pipe with a grooving machine. A rubber gasket is fitted over the two pipe ends and around it a two-part coupling is screwed together with two bolts and nuts. The coupling parts, which are designed to fit in the grooves, mechanically lock the pipes together and the rubber gasket makes the connection airtight and watertight.


The technology has been used for nearly 100 years and has over time developed into the dependable, time-saving, flexible and affordable NordicFlow® grooved product range that Ahlsell fire-fighting systems can offer today.

The only tools needed to groove pipes and mount grooved couplings is one of our grooving machines and a torque wrench. Our NordicFlow® thin wall pipes are factory grooved for quick and efficient assembly and hold the SP test certificate for the use with 30% ethylene glycol mixture. With our comprehensive selection of grooved fittings, valves and filters it is possible to easily install even large piping systems. We also have a range of stainless steel couplings and fittings available.

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