Industrial applications


Grooved couplings are used for cooling systems with both water and glycol or ethanol mixtures at minus degrees. The rubber gasket can handle these chemicals and temperatures down to -34°C, which was confirmed by the freeze tests. Couplings and fittings are available galvanized or stainless steel to minimize corrosion risk. We also provide a complete range of grooved valves and filters.


The rapid assembly and low installation costs make grooved couplings an excellent choice for heating applications such as hot water, geothermal heating and district heating systems (secondary side). When large movements often arise in these systems due to thermal expansion, it is preferable to use flexible grooved couplings which in some cases can completely replace other expansion devices. The rubber gaskets can withstand temperatures up to 110°C and are subjected to aging tests at this temperature to ensure tightness over time.

With NordicFlow mechanical tees you can install sensors, transducers, draining and venting in an economical and time-saving way. With our valves and filters the system is durable, service-friendly and flexible.

Compressed air

As our grooved products create airtight joints, they can be used in systems with oil-free compressed air eg. for machinery and equipment in factories. The quick installation provides a great advantage over traditional methods both in new construction and remodeling. Transitions to threaded systems are easy to implement with our threaded outlet mechanical tees or end caps.

Ventilation and air conditioning

Grooved couplings are used for example in the hot line of the heat exchangers and for condensate water pipe lines. The noise and vibrations that may occur and propagate in the piping system is effectively absorbed by the couplings which can protect other sensitive equipment connected to the system. Grooved couplings can be removed and reused without affecting the pipes making it very easy to service and replace equipment and pipes. All that is needed is a torque wrench. Most manufacturers of ventilation heat exchangers provide grooved outputs, making installation easier and time saving.

Pump systems for rainwater and wastewater

Our grooved products are available in sizes up to DN250 which provides a fast and economically way to build also larger pump systems. Grooving creates no significant pressure drop at the connections which means that the flow is maintained. Couplings and fittings are available galvanized or in stainless steel for installation in corrosive environments. Grooved system offers you flexibility that no other system can offer. If you are pumping media that may erode the pipes, it is possible to prolong the life of the pipeline by scheduled turning of the pipes. This is easy because of the grooved coupling joints.

Potable water systems and water treatment plants

The couplings are installed without hot work, dangerous chemicals, fumes, dust or spills and thus are well suited for drinking water systems that must be kept clean. The rubber gasket seals the joint in three steps, and is filled with water, which is not in contact with the coupling body.

Fire protection

Grooved couplings provide a highly secure connection, which is critical in fire protection applications. These systems are often installed in confined spaces, where grooved couplings provide easier installation because of the two-piece design, the ability to rotate 360 degrees before clamping and bolting from only one side. With our mechanical tees and a complete range of alarm valves, fire protection systems are quick and easy to build. From Enexia you get all the components for traditional sprinkler systems as well as low pressure water mist systems.

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