Pipe Sander WS620


Product description

WS620 powerful motor ensures that the rotations remain stable irrespective of the load. Flanged belt pulleys ensure that the sanding belt remains in its proper position. Sanding belts are quickly and easily replaceable without any tools. Supplied with basic tools: Sanding belt #60, sanding belt #100, sanding belt #180, scouring pad (belt sizes 40 x 620 mm)

Technical Specifications

Model WS620
Power 1500 W
Voltage 220-240V~ 50-60 Hz
Unloaded revolutions 2300 – 6500 RPM
Sanding belt speed 15-28 m/sec
Max belt size 620 mm x 40 mm
Dimensions 601 mm x 220 mm x 182 mm
Soft start Yes
Weight 5.3 kg